Calendar of Denver Park Events

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Denver's Office of Special Events coordinates all permitting for special events, and it promises to be responsive to residents. If you want to leave positive or negative feedback about an event, click here

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Denver City Government

Denver Police Contacts

If you see any illegal activity in Cheesman Park, call the Denver Police Department's non-emergency number: 720-913-2000. Please call 911 if you see a crime against a person or a crime in progress.

City Council
Chris Hinds, Council District 10,

Liz Zukowski, Chris Hinds's Aide --

Deborah Ortega, Member-at-Large,
Robin Kniech, Member-at-Large,

Mayor’s Office
Michael Hancock, Mayor,

Michael Sapp, Deputy Director of Community Affairs,
Katy Strascina, Office of Special Events,

Grace Ramirez,

Department of Parks and Recreation

Allegra "Happy" Haynes, Manager,

Scott Gilmore, Deputy Manager, Parks,

Fred Weiss, Chief Policy Advisor,

Kristen Bronson, DPR Attorney,

Kristin Wilson, DPR Head Scheduler,

Adam Smith, Field Superintendent,
Angela Casias, Marketing Communications Specialist,
Leo Darras, Operations Supervisor (Forestry),
Dody Erickson, Director of Special Projects,
Bob Finch, Director, Natural Resources,
David Marquardt, Planning Supervisor,
Juan Marsh, Field Superintendent,
Aaron McSpadden, Sergeant, Animal Control,
Tina Myers, Volunteer Coordinator,
Gordon Robertson, Planning, Design and Construction,
Michael Swanson, Forestry Superintendent,
Kent Sondgerath, Senior Landscape Architect,

Mark Tabor, Planning,
Scott Willingham, Senior Park Ranger,

Police Department -- District 6
Aaron Sanchez, Commander,

Lisa Sorrentino, Executive Assistant,

Teresa Gillian, Community Resource Officer,

Austen Munson, Community Resource Officer,