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Who We Are

Neighbors and Friends for Cheesman Park was formed by local residents in 2003 to address physical deterioration of park facilities and issues associated with crime, safety, and traffic. The group became a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) with the City and County of Denver. The name was changed to Friends and Neighbors (FANS) for Cheesman Park in 2015.

FANS for Cheesman Park is dedicated to preserving and promoting historic Cheesman Park as a “Park for People,” and it is committed to ensuring that the park is maintained in a manner befitting its historic legacy.   

Our Purpose:
Promote efforts to ensure that changes to Cheesman Park are consistent with its existing architectural design and legacy.

Participate in planning, zoning, safety, and other decisions affecting Cheesman Park through informed advocacy before government agencies and elected officials, and by working with other community organizations.

Enhance a sense of community identity, investment, spirit, and activism through communication with and interaction among members of the neighborhood.

Collective Accomplishments:
Worked to obtain a grant from the State Historical Society to fund the creation of the Cheesman Park Master Plan in 2008.

Advocated passage of a bond ballot issue that included funds for a total new irrigation system, paths, and two park entry walls for Cheesman Park.

Co-wrote A Platform for Denver Urban Parks, adopted by Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) delegates as its official parks' position.

Worked with District 6 Police Department to address crime, safety, and traffic issues.

Addressed park maintenance issues with the Denver Parks and Recreation.

Obtained new trees from corporate sponsors and the Denver Forestry Department.

Supported revision of parks Rules and Regulations.

Advocated for the Park Ranger Program.

Continue to participate in INC Parks Committee, District 6 Police Citizen Advisory Board, and many Parks and Recreation committees.

Advocate for FANS mission statement and purpose.